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Reishauer RZ-550 CNC Gear Grinder

Machine Specifications
Workpiece Diameter Range 5 – 630 mm
Module range 0.5 – 10.0
Helix angle range ± 45°
  • Equipped with all the latest developments in gear grinding including topological (bias target) grinding, polish grinding and fine grinding for NVH critical applications
  • Threaded wheel and profile grinding for maximum efficiency and flexibility
  • Line dressing of non-standard involute profiles for rapid prototyping of new gear geometry
  • Flexibility for both prototype and high-volume production jobs

Höfler Helix 400 SK Gear Grinder (1)

  • Single index form grinder
  • Helix angles up to 45°
  • Micro geometry adjustments for tip relief, root radius, flank, crown, barreling, and bias
  • Automatic stock division
  • Non-standard involute forms, straight sided splines, or non gear forms that can be generated directly from a dxf file

Due to the overwhelming success of our First Hofler 400, we added another just 12 months later. Capable of grinding with a wheel as small as 1″ in diameter, geometry that is otherwise impossible with large diameter threaded wheel grinders is now possible.

Mitsubishi EDMs (4)

FA-10S Advanced Wire EDM
  • 4-Axis Capability for tapers
  • 80AMP Generator
  • Capable of burning through any conductive material regardless of heat treat and hardness
  • Can wire up to 8″ thick with an accurate corner radius down t .005″
Ea-12V Advance Sinker EDM
  • Rotary “C-Axis” for burning helical gears and splines
  • Can sink a variety of forms including blind slines and gears
In-House Electrode Manufacturing

We are capable of milling, shaping, hobbing, and grinding our own electrodes for faster setup and shorter lead times.

Zeiss Contura CMM (1)

  • Equipped with Zeiss Calypso and Gear Pro for complete part inspection
  • Measure parts up to 27 x 39 x 23 inches
  • Accurate within 1.5 micron
  • Capable of directly importing CAD data to create part inspection programs
  • Scanning head accuracy for measuring true form and reoundess characteristics

Added value inspection services are becoming increasingly important to our customers. Our new Zeiss Contura CMM is capable of measuring parts with today’s tight manufacturing tolerances.


Gear Grinders (5)

(1) Reishauer RZ550 w/24″ capacity threaded wheel & profile grinding
(1) CNC Hofler Helix 400K w/15.75″ capacity
(2) Reishauer RZ300 Grinder w/ 12″ capacity
(1) CNC Hofler Helix 400SK w/ 1″ diameter grinding wheel

Gear Hobbers (21)

(2) CNC 6″ Mitsubishi GE15A
(2) CNC 15″ Mitsubishi GD30
(2) CNC 20″ Mitsubishi GD50
(1) CNC 40″ Mitsubishi GB100
(1) 8″ Pfauters
(2) 12″ Pfauters set-up for hobbing worm gears
(2) 16″ – 16″ Barber Colman w/differentials
(4) 16″ -36″ Barber Colman, 3 with 4″ hole through spindle
(3) 16 – 56″ Barber Colman w/ differentials
(1) 48″ Gould & Eberhardt capable of acutting spur, helical and worm gears
(1) 80″ Stanko capable of cutting spur, helical and worm gears

Gear Shapers (18)

(2) CNC Mitsubishi ST40 A, Crowning and Taper Capability
(1) CNC Mitsubishi ST40
(1) Fellows 70-15, 105″ diameter with a 70″ pitch diameter and a 15″ stroke capacity (Specialty machine – one of only a handful in the World!)
(1) Fellows 20-4
(6) Fellows #7
(3} Fellows #6
(1) Fellows 36-10
(4) Fellows 36-6
(1) Fellows 10-4

Gear Shaving Machines (2)

(1) 18″ National Broach “Red Ring”
(1) 12″ National Broach “Red Ring”

Rack Cutting Machines (3)

(2) Donau-Knapp Rack Milling machine, 3 DP max, 72″ capacity
(1) Mannesmann Rack Milling machine, 1 DP max, 90″ capacity

Inspection Equipment (10)

(2) PentaGear ND300 CNC Gear measurement machine
(1) Zeiss Contura CMM
(2) Illinois lead checkers
(1) Brown and Sharp center distance checker
(1) Wilson Rockwell hardness checker
(1) Starett Optical comparator
(1) Fellows Redliner Type 8M
(1) Parkson gear tester

Rounding & Chamfering (4)

Broaches (1)

Thread Milling (1)

Gear Assemblies (1)